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The Silk 'N Blood series and Other Mini-Series

The videos originally featured through this website concentrated on the "Silk 'N Blood" series, a proposed TV series that became a very successful web series. Over the years we have added several other video mini-series to the mix, as well as a second on-going series based upon some of the most iconic Superheroine types and starring some of our most popular rising stars in the business. Note the Supernova series product box to the right!
The main "Silk 'N Blood" video series depicts the introductory scenes of a proposed television series entitled "Silk 'N Blood", staring Dr. Horne, West Palm Beach coroner, a man of science who has a secret, psychic gift. In addition to his forensic arsenal, Dr. Horne is able to read the akashic records of the recent past, uncovering clues to the victim's death. His next challenge is to drop subtle but effective clues to bumbling veteran police detective, Joe Pace, and his young, but eager, female partner, Diana Alexander. They get the glory... he gets the satisfaction of putting a dangerous offender behind bars.

From Proposed TV Pilot to Successful Web Series...

Having gained a loyal fan base on the Internet, the TV pilot was converted into an on-going web series. After 500 'Silk 'N Blood' episodes over 22 seasons, we finally concluded this original web series in favour of our newest on-going series... Scotland Yard Cold Cases! We hope that this series will be as successful as our original on-going mystery series.

The Future of the "Silk 'N Blood" Website...

We hope that our new Scotland Yard Cold Cases series will be as well received as our original murder mystery series! We are also pleased with the 6 season run of our "Superheroine" series. We plan to keep our ideas and storylines fresh and entertaining for our ever growing fan base.

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