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The Silk 'N Blood series and Other Mini-Series

The videos originally featured through this website concentrated on the "Silk 'N Blood" series, but over the years we have added other video mini-series to the mix. Our most recent Mini-Series is the "Sultry Superheroines" mini-series, starring some of the most popular actresses playing some of the most popular styles of superheroines. Note the Supernova series product box to the right!
The main "Silk 'N Blood" video series depicts the introductory scenes of a proposed television series entitled "Silk 'N Blood", staring Dr. Horne, West Palm Beach coroner, a man of science who has a secret, psychic gift. In addition to his forensic arsenal, Dr. Horne is able to read the akashic records of the recent past, uncovering clues to the victim's death. His next challenge is to drop subtle but effective clues to bumbling veteran police detective, Joe Pace, and his young, but eager, female partner, Diana Alexander. They get the glory... he gets the satisfaction of putting a dangerous offender behind bars.

The Series Thus Far...

We now have about 200 'Silk 'N Blood' episode clips posted. These clips concentrate on the commission of the crimes, and some include Dr. Horne's preliminary examination of the body, both physically and psychically. Over the coming months, we hope to include the next phase of the investigation, involving police detectives Pace and Alexander. Stay tuned for further developments in this exciting and evolving project...

TV Networks and Agents Please Take Note:

We will be sending proposals to the major networks soon. If you have an interest in this series, feel free to email an enquiry to us at the email address below.

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