Sexy Spies #3: White Angel

Sexy Spies #3: White Angel
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Amy plays 18 year old student Jill Chase, a girl who had it all... beauty, a privileged lifestyle, and membership in one of the wealthiest families in the world. Jill's family was blackmailed by an organization named REMO and she was experimented upon to become a super weapon, code-named WHITE ANGEL.

Unknown to Jill, REMO uses their power to conduct a war of terror against world leaders, major cities, and industrial defence establishments. White Angel became their principal weapon at the forefront of this battle. Once Jill discovered that REMO was an evil organization, she went into hiding. Twenty years later, she is discovered by agent RYKER (played by Mia).

Even though Jill is 20 years older, as a result of the experiment, she hasn't aged and still looks like a sweet and innocent 18 year old. Jill is constantly on the run and her power of "retro-metabolism" (the ability to return to life after suffering fatal injury) makes her virtually "indestructible". This has made her very arrogant, even when the odds are stacked against her. She never expects to lose. Inexperience and immaturity is what constantly throws our heroine into peril.

White Angel and Ryker used to be partners in the fight for terror but, since Jill gave her the slip and went AWOL, the organization blames Ryker. She is experimented upon, to try to replicate Jill's powers of retro-metabolism, but they fail. Ryker does have some powers. She's bulletproof, and can suck the life force out of people. The side-effect is that she ages 5 times faster than normal people. She needs to capture White Angel so that the organization, by studying White Angel, can cure Ryker of her accelerated aging.

This is episode one in the continuing saga of WHITE ANGEL!!!


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