"Escort Wars" mini-series

"Escort Wars" mini-series
Escort Wars #10 - Queenside
Product ID : sku00429
Marisa Stone comes face to face with Steele!
Escort Wars #9 - Critical Position
Product ID : sku00425
Lena is the latest addition to Marisa Stone's business!
Escort Wars #8 - Middlegame
Product ID : sku00416
Nicole joins Marisa's undercover operation!
Escort Wars #7 - Opening Trap
Product ID : sku00383
Tina takes over Madam Blue's operation!
Escort Wars #6 - Echos
Product ID : sku00335
This is a flashback to incidents that took place before the events of "Endgame"!
Escort Wars #5 - Endgame
Product ID : sku00218
If you thought this series was over, think again! If you have to choose only...
Escort Wars #4 - Checkmate
Product ID : sku00154
In the conclusion to this mini-series, Steele tracks down Petra, who has left...
Escort Wars #3 - Double Check
Product ID : sku00151
As the Escort Wars continue, Bluestone Escorts arms one of their girls to...
Escort Wars #2 - Doubled Pawns
Product ID : sku00149
Bluestone Escorts is under attack by the mob. One of their best call girls...
Escort Wars #1 - Gambit
Product ID : sku00147
Bluestone Escorts is dominating the high-priced call girl industry in West...