"Vivacious Vigilantes" Series

"Vivacious Vigilantes" Series
V.V.#136 -Spider-Warrior: Unmasked
Product ID : sku01501
Sienna Scarlett is "Spider-Warrior"!
V.V.#122a - Stellar 2a - Great Responsibility (Alternate Versions)
Product ID : sku01492

Now that Stellar has super powers, how will she handle them? (Alternate...

V.V.#134 - Teen Bat 9: Victim of RRS
Product ID : sku01490
Teen Bat is used to frame RRS by parties unknown!
V.V.#133 - Catwarrior 13: Claws of the Cat
Product ID : sku01484
Catwarrior shows her claws when her back is against the wall!
V.V.#132 - Teen Bat 8: On The Job Training
Product ID : sku01479
D'arcy returns to her Teen Bat role!
V.V.#131a - Teen Bat 7a: Running The Gauntlet (Alternate Version)
Product ID : sku01470
A new Teen Bat enters the scene! (Alternate Version)
V.V.#131 - Teen Bat 7: Running The Gauntlet
Product ID : sku01469
A new Teen Bat enters the scene!
V.V.#130 - Catwarrior 12: Hard As A Diamond
Product ID : sku01457
Catwarrior makes a great score!
V.V.#129 - Darkwing 22: Leave No One Behind
Product ID : sku01447
Darkwing goes in search of her missing assistant!
V.V.#128 - Athena 4: Dark Amazon
Product ID : sku01444
Heather Page returns as Athena!
V.V.#127 - Dark Bat 4: Collective Will
Product ID : sku01436
Jenny Cherry returns as Dark Bat!
Vivacious Vigilantes #126a - Supernova 32a: Blast from the Past (Extra Footage)
Product ID : sku01434
These are deleted scenes from "Supernova 32: Blast From The Past", starring...
V.V.#126 - Supernova 32: Blast from the Past
Product ID : sku01431
Rebecca Mason returns as Supernova!
V.V.#125 - Catwarrior 11: Dark Battle
Product ID : sku01419
Catwarrior takes on Dark Bat!
V.V.#124 - Supernova 31: Alien Duel
Product ID : sku01415
Supernova, now powered up again, takes on an invading alien!
V.V.#123 - Supernova 30: Altered Ego
Product ID : sku01391
Kara Novak is powerless! How can she regain her Supernova powers?
V.V.#122 - Stellar 2 - Great Responsibility
Product ID : sku01381

Now that Stellar has super powers, how will she handle them?

V.V.#121 - Darkwing 21 - With Great Power
Product ID : sku01379

Darkwing takes on Parasite and Stellar comes to her rescue!