"Vivacious Vigilantes" Series

"Vivacious Vigilantes" Series
V.V.#125 - Catwarrior 11: Dark Battle
Product ID : sku01419
Catwarrior takes on Dark Bat!
V.V.#124 - Supernova 31: Alien Duel
Product ID : sku01415
Supernova, now powered up again, takes on an invading alien!
V.V.#123 - Supernova 30: Altered Ego
Product ID : sku01391
Kara Novak is powerless! How can she regain her Supernova powers?
V.V.#122 - Stellar 2 - Great Responsibility
Product ID : sku01381

Now that Stellar has super powers, how will she handle them?

V.V.#121 - Darkwing 21 - With Great Power
Product ID : sku01379

Darkwing takes on Parasite and Stellar comes to her rescue!

V.V.#120 - Stellar: A Star Is Born
Product ID : sku01371

Introducing Stellar, a heroine in the Supernova tradition!

V.V.#119 - Dark Bat 3 - Cutting the Ribbon of Life
Product ID : sku01365

Dark Bat takes on RRS!

V.V.#112c - Teen Bat 6: Sisterhood of the Bat (Extra Footage)
Product ID : sku01358
Mia Ford in deleted scenes from the video!
V.V.#118b - Catwarrior 10: Ensnared (Double Feature)
Product ID : sku01356

Catwarrior double-crosses The Contractor!

V.V.#118a - Catwarrior 10: Ensnared (Alternate Version)
Product ID : sku01355

Catwarrior double-crosses The Contractor!

V.V.#118 - Catwarrior 10: Ensnared
Product ID : sku01354

Catwarrior double-crosses The Contractor!

V.V.#117 - Supernova 29: Fall of the Mighty
Product ID : sku01345

Supernova takes on a new supervillain!

V.V.#58b - Supernova 13: Identity Crisis (More Extra Footage)
Product ID : sku01334
Melanie Dunne in more deleted scenes from the video!
V.V.#58a - Supernova 13: Identity Crisis (Extra Footage)
Product ID : sku01330
Melanie Dunne in deleted scenes from the video!
V.V.#116 - Supernova 28: Serve and Protect
Product ID : sku01317

Supernova confronts the director of W.H.I.P.L.A.S.H.!

V.V.#115a - Wondra 7a: Losing Face (Short Version)
Product ID : sku01307

Wondra tries to convince Zeus to free her from her new body!

(This is...
V.V.#115 - Wondra 7: Losing Face
Product ID : sku01306

Wondra tries to convince Zeus to free her from her new body!

V.V.#110a - Night Warrior: The Reluctant Heroine (Extra Footage)
Product ID : sku01302
Louise in deleted scenes from the video!