"The Death & Life of Jacqueline Phoenix"

"The Death & Life of Jacqueline Phoenix"
Phoenix #3 - Betrayal Most Foul
Product ID : sku00137
Phoenix tracks down an old friend who turned on her, selling her into white...
Phoenix #6 - Free As A Bird
Product ID : sku00128
This is the concluding episode of the Phoenix saga. Jacqueline Phoenix...
Phoenix #5 - Death Sentence
Product ID : sku00127
F.A.L.L.'s represenative, Mr. Stone (Bluestone), hires a hitman named Hammer...
Phoenix #4 - Revenge of the Phoenix
Product ID : sku00126
Phoenix (Velvet) finally gets her revenge on her former friend, Jennifer...
Phoenix #2 - Enter the Phoenix
Product ID : sku00125
Like the mythical phoenix, Jacqueline (Velvet), apparently quite dead,...
Phoenix #1 - Escape From The Future
Product ID : sku00124
Episode 1 commences in the residential quarters of Dr. Sharon Cox (Sultry...