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Collectors Editions
We are re-mastering some of our classic videos, such as the blockbuster "Wondra: Fall of a Heroine" that re-energized Superheroine videos when it was released over 8 years ago. The resolution of these classics has been increased and they are now suitable for viewing on our larger widescreen TV's and computer monitors! Don't miss any of these Collector's Editions!
C.E. #43 – Wondra 6: Entrapment (Collectors' Edition)
Product ID : sku01522
The classic "Wondra 6: Entrapment" has been updated to BIG SCREEN resolution!
C.E. #42 - From Russia With Love (Version 1) (Collectors' Edition)
Product ID : sku01520
The classic "From Russia With Love - Version 1" has been updated to BIG...
C.E. #41 - Supernova 13: Identity Crisis (Collectors' Edition)
Product ID : sku01519
Another classic upgrade of Supernova in "Identity Crisis" starring Melanie...
C.E. #40 - Supernova 11: Prime Directive (Collectors' Edition)
Product ID : sku01518
Another classic upgrade of Supernova Prime in "Prime Directive" starring...
C.E. #39 - Double Cross (Collectors' Edition)
Product ID : sku01514
Another classic upgrade of a spy vs. spy video starring Tiffany!
C.E. #38 - Darkwing 5: Dark Deception (Collectors' Edition)
Product ID : sku01506
Another classic epic Darkwing episode, this one featuring a confrontation...
C.E. #37 - Darkwing 2: Darkwing Returns (Collectors' Edition)
Product ID : sku01500
A classic epic Darkwing episode! "Darkwing Returns" has been upgraded to BIG...
C.E. #36 - Ultrawoman 9: Vendetta (Collectors' Edition)
Product ID : sku01488
A classic epic Ultrawoman episode! "Ultrawoman 9: Vendetta" has been upgraded...
C.E. #35 - Darkwing 8: Takedown (Collectors' Edition)
Product ID : sku01487
A classic epic Darkwing episode! "Darkwing 8: Takedown" has been upgraded to...
C.E. #34 - White Angel 15 (Collectors' Edition)
Product ID : sku01464
Danica Thrall returns as White Angel Agent Natasha Reese in "White Angel 15"...
C.E. #33 - White Angel 20 (Collectors' Edition)
Product ID : sku01460
Stephanie plays White Angel Agent Tisha Wade in "White Angel 20" upgraded to...
C.E. #32 - Dark Wondra 3: Power Drain (Collectors' Edition)
Product ID : sku01459
Krystal Red as Dark Wondra in "Dark Wondra 3: Power Drain" upgraded to BIG...
C.E. #31 - White Angel 16 (Collectors' Edition)
Product ID : sku01450
Lynda as a White Angel in "White Angel 16" upgraded to BIG SCREEN and high...
C.E. #30 - Ultrawoman: Catching A Break (Collectors' Edition)
Product ID : sku01441
Lynda as Ultrawoman in "Catching a Break" upgraded to BIG SCREEN and high...
C.E. #29 - From Russia With Love(Version 2) - (Collectors' Edition)
Product ID : sku01440
A scene based on the classic Bond film upgraded to BIG SCREEN and high...
C.E. #28 - Vengeful Visitation (Collector’s Edition)
Product ID : sku01439
The classic "Vengeful Visitation" upgraded to BIG SCREEN and high resolution!
C.E. #27 – Charlotte Steele vs. Agent X (Collector’s Edition)
Product ID : sku01438
The classic "Charlotte Steele vs. Agent X" upgraded to BIG SCREEN and high...
C.E. #26 - The Visitor (Collectors' Edition)
Product ID : sku01437
The classic "The Visitor" upgraded to BIG SCREEN and high resolution!
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