Director's Cuts

Director's Cuts
Featuring specially selected films that have been upgraded in resolution and re-edited to render them better than the originals!
D.C.#17 - Home Alone? - Director’s Cut
Product ID : sku01406
This is the upgraded version of "Home Alone" starring Kerie and Lena!
D.C.#16 - Dream Sequences - Director’s Cut
Product ID : sku01404
This is the upgraded version of "Dream Sequences" starring Petra!
D.C.#15 - Petra Vignettes 4 - Director’s Cut
Product ID : sku01402
This is the upgraded version of the fourth and final installment of "Petra...
D.C.#14 - Petra Vignettes 3 - Director’s Cut
Product ID : sku01401
This is the upgraded version of the third installment of "Petra Vignettes"!
D.C.#13 - Petra Vignettes 2 - Director’s Cut
Product ID : sku01399
This is the upgraded version of the second installment of "Petra Vignettes"!
D.C.#12 - Petra Vignettes 1 - Director’s Cut
Product ID : sku01395
This is the upgraded version of the first installment of "Petra Vignettes"!
D.C.#11 - Salesmanship - Director’s Cut
Product ID : sku01392
This is the upgraded version of "Salesmanship"!
D.C.#10 - Palm Beach Prowler- Director’s Cut
Product ID : sku01389
Petra plays an intended victim of a serial killer!
D.C.#9 - Cougar Prey - Director’s Cut
Product ID : sku01386
Petra plays an older woman preying on a college student!
D.C.#8 - Tale of a Golddigger - Director's Cut
Product ID : sku01377
Petra plays a conniving trophy wife!
D.C.#7 - Bathing Beauty Washed Away - Director's Cut
Product ID : sku01348
Petra becomes involved in espionage!
D.C.#6 - Stalled In Silk - Director's Cut
Product ID : sku01346
Petra encounters car trouble on the way to an important meeting!
D.C.#5 - Unexpected Intruder - Director's Cut
Product ID : sku01341
Petra has an unexpected intruder!
D.C.#4 - Murder at Niagara - Director's Cut
Product ID : sku01338
Petra goes on a vacation to Niagara Falls!
D.C.#3 - Break-In - Director's Cut
Product ID : sku01333
Lena tries to burglarize Kerie's apartment!
D.C.#2 - Frenzied Obsession - Director's Cut
Product ID : sku01331
Petra plays a sexy psychiatrist!
D.C.#1 - Spy Game - Director's Cut
Product ID : sku01328
Petra plays a spy looking forward to some downtime!