Director's Cuts

Director's Cuts
Featuring specially selected films that have been upgraded in resolution and re-edited to render them better than the originals!
D.C.#45 - Get Out Of Town (Director’s Cut)
Product ID : sku01582
Petra plays a a bad girl and Kerie a jilted girlfriend! Upscaled version!
D.C.#44 - No Surrender (Director’s Cut)
Product ID : sku01573
Petra plays a terrorist. Upscaled version!
D.C.#43 - Checkout Time (Director’s Cut)
Product ID : sku01571
Petra plays an accused thief. Upscaled version!
D.C.#42 - Slain in Silk (Director’s Cut)
Product ID : sku01562
Petra is on the run with stolen secrets. Upscaled version!
D.C.#41 - Lead Shower (Director’s Cut)
Product ID : sku01538
Petra has fenced a substantial jewel heist. Upscaled version!
D.C.#40 - Clean Kill (Director’s Cut)
Product ID : sku01533
Petra interrupts a robbery in progress! Upscaled version!
D.C.#39 - Strangled In Silk (Director’s Cut)
Product ID : sku01527
Two women are frightened by reports of a serial killer!
D.C.#38 - The Replacement (Director’s Cut)
Product ID : sku01525
Jessica becomes Petra's replacement in the spy game!
D.C.#37 - Case of the Silk Strangler (Director’s Cut)
Product ID : sku01523
Two women are concerned when a serial killer is reported near their home.
D.C.#36 - Balaclava Killer (Director's Cut)
Product ID : sku01521
Petra interrupts a burglary in progress!
D.C.#35 - Blindsided (Director’s Cut)
Product ID : sku01509
Petra steals valuable corporate data!
D.C.#34 - Escort Wars: Checkmate (Director’s Cut)
Product ID : sku01507
Petra plays a high-priced call girl!
D.C.#33 - The Executioner Bids Farewell (Director’s Cut)
Product ID : sku01491
Petra is terrorized by a stalker!
D.C.#32 - Room 666 (Director’s Cut)
Product ID : sku01482
Petra is haunted by her victim!
D.C.#31 - Options (Director’s Cut)
Product ID : sku01477
Suzi is gunning for Petra!
D.C.#30 - Backseat Strangler (Director’s Cut)
Product ID : sku01475
Petra becomes the victim of a mystery villain!
D.C.#29 - Aquaphobia (Director’s Cut)
Product ID : sku01474
Petra plays a spy who seduces her way out of trouble!
D.C.#28 - Her Last Photoshoot - Director’s Cut
Product ID : sku01472
Petra plays a model at her final photoshoot!
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