"Dreams" Mini-Series

"Dreams" Mini-Series
The "Dreams" Mini-Series stars Jessica as a psychic who is able to detect crimes before they happen!
Dreams #5: Dead Right
Product ID : sku00969
Eva Valkyrie is dead right about her dreams!
Dreams #4: The Silent Psychic
Product ID : sku00927
Eva Valkyrie continues to be plagued by threatening dreams!
Dreams #3: Danger Comes Calling
Product ID : sku00926
Eva Valkyrie comes face-to-face with the man from her dreams!
Dreams #2: Truly Breathtaking
Product ID : sku00917
Jessica is truly breathtaking as psychic Eva Valkyrie!
Dreams #1: Premonition
Product ID : sku00913
Eva Valkyrie, a psychic, begins having prophetic dreams!