"Clone Wars" starring Tina!

"Clone Wars" Series
Tina does not realize that she has been cloned, and her doppelgangers are being used as espionage agents in various covert activities!
Clone Wars #5: The Real McCoy
Product ID : sku00522
The series concludes with the introduction of the real Tina... Tina McCoy.
Clone Wars #4: Closing In
Product ID : sku00517
Tina's fourth clone agent flees mid-assignment!
Clone Wars #3: Playing Politics
Product ID : sku00514
Tina's third clone agent tries to seduce a senator to obtain sensitive...
Clone Wars #2: Shadow Agent
Product ID : sku00512
Tina's second clone agent takes the place of the first one and completes the...
Clone Wars #1: Clone Virus
Product ID : sku00506
Tina secures a position with a target organization.