Season 5

Season 5
Episode 120b - Death Row Interview - Part 2
Product ID : sku00181
Suzi (Steely-eyed) Logan is facing execution on Death Row, when a reporter...
Episode 120 - Death Row Interview - Full Version
Product ID : sku00180
Suzi (Steely-eyed) Logan is facing execution on Death Row, when a reporter...
Episode 120a - Death Row Interview - Part 1
Product ID : sku00179
Suzi (Steely-eyed) Logan is facing execution on Death Row, when a reporter...
Episode 119 - Target: Suzi
Product ID : sku00178
Velvet plays a hitwoman who has been selected to replace Suzi's character for...
Episode 118 - Jaded Sequence
Product ID : sku00177
Jennifer Kennedy, code-named Agent Saffron, is pressed into duty by a secret...
Episode 117 - "Smoked"
Product ID : sku00172
Petra tries to use her substantial charms to talk herself out of a tight spot...
Episode 116 - "Playing With Fire"
Product ID : sku00171
Petra and Suzi play a couple of close friends, but Suzi is insanely jealous....
Episode 115 - The Case of the Curious Maid
Product ID : sku00170
Petra is hired as a maid for a Playboy-type mansion, but there are certain...
Episode 114 - Surprised In Silk
Product ID : sku00169
Petra plays a woman who has stolen a fortune from the mob. She thinks that...
Episode 113 - Officers Down
Product ID : sku00168
A group of criminals use gas to attack a police station so that they can...
Episode 112 - Sinister Seduction
Product ID : sku00166
Suzi invites a new girlfriend to stay over following a girls' night out, but...
Episode 111 - Chameleon Force
Product ID : sku00163
A secret task force infiltrates a neo nazi facility, using image projectors...
Episode 110 - Search & Destroy
Product ID : sku00162
A secretary is caught trying to steal secrets from her boss, who is a major...
Episode 109 - Pursued by Fear
Product ID : sku00161
Petra is scheduled to testify against the mob, and is granted witness...
Episode 108 - Angel and Ogre
Product ID : sku00160
Petra Morgan attends an audition for a movie role, and is interviewed by two...
Episode 107 - The Silent Killer
Product ID : sku00158
Velvet is plays an assassin who is hired to eliminate Suzi. Suzi's reputation...
Episode 106 - Hotel Ambush
Product ID : sku00156
Petra is a secret agent who is attacked by an enemy agent played by Melina....
Episode 105 - Pandora's Box
Product ID : sku00155
Suzi and Petra plan to commit a jewel robbery during a party at the Thornton...