Season 3

Season 3
Episode 72 - The Enemy Spy
Product ID : sku00102
Petra breaks into a spy's home and, after a thorough search, finds a very...
Episode 71b - Quarterback's Girl (Part 2)
Product ID : sku00101
This is Part 2 of a 2-parter (which is also available as one video). In this...
Episode 71a - Quarterback's Girl (Part 1)
Product ID : sku00100
This is Part 1 of a 2-Parter (which is also sold as a full video). In this...
Episode 71 - Quarterback's Girl
Product ID : sku00099
Quarterback Bobby is having an affair with a beautiful cheerleader played by...
Episode 70 - Gunplay
Product ID : sku00098
Two friends, played by Petra and Meredith, are having a playful gun fight...
Episode 69 - Call 9-1-1
Product ID : sku00094
Jessica awakens to find her room-mate dead in the bathroom. She hurries to...
Episode 68 - Ride To Hell
Product ID : sku00093
After an exhausting day at work, Suzi is looking forward to a relaxing...
Episode 67 - Call of the Executioner
Product ID : sku00092
Suzi plays glamourous supermodel, Dalia Logan. Dalia has used people...
Episode 66 - WETworks
Product ID : sku00091
Meredith is Andromeda, a hired killer who works for W.E.T., an underground...
Episode 65 - The Broken Doll
Product ID : sku00089
Meredith plays the victim of a stalker, who breaks into her apartment and...
Episode 64 - The Seance
Product ID : sku00088
Suzi plays a medium who is challenged by a skeptic journalist, played by...
Episode 63 - The Interrogation
Product ID : sku00087
Suzi plays a secret agent who is captured and interrogated. Her tormentor...
Episode 62 - Director's Cut
Product ID : sku00086
Suzi plays a spoiled starlet who gets into an argument with a sadistic...
Episode 61c - Final Performance (The Cheerleader)
Product ID : sku00070
Suzi plays herself in this final chapter. As she unsuspectingly performs her...
Episode 61b - Final Performance (The Nurse)
Product ID : sku00069
Suzi plays a nurse who turned in a doctor for incompetence. He decides to...
Episode 61a - Final Performance (The Blackmailer)
Product ID : sku00068
Suzi plays a blackmailer in this sexy drama. This is Part 1 of a 3 Part story...
Episode 61 - Final Performance (Full Version)
Product ID : sku00067
Suzi plays three roles (blackmailer, nurse and cheerleader) in this sexy...
Episode 60 - The False Witness
Product ID : sku00066
Miss Black Velvets plays a government agent who is set up by a mob informant....