Season 1

Season 1
Episode 24 - Head or Heart?
Product ID : sku00027
Charlotte (played by Suzi) is an accountant for the mob and has been skimming...
Episode 23 - Ginger Snaps
Product ID : sku00026
Suzi plays Ginger, and Dean plays her husband. This modern Bonnie & Clyde...
Episode 22 - The Million Dollar Shower
Product ID : sku00025
Meredith thinks she's gotten away with a million dollar heist, until she...
Episode 21 - Night Visit
Product ID : sku00024
Miss Black Velvets stars in this redux of "Night Visit". There is a serial...
Episode 20 - Open House... Open Fire!
Product ID : sku00023
Suzi plays, Suzi Eden, a real estate agent who shows a mobster's former...
Episode 19 - Stalked In Silk
Product ID : sku00022
Meredith is stalked by a mysterious man. The situation heats up as she takes...
Episode 18 - Cleaning Up
Product ID : sku00021
A pretty maid, played by Jessica, finds a body in a hotel room....
Episode 17 - The Price of Fame
Product ID : sku00020
Suzi plays an up-and-coming star who has summarily fired her loser manager....
Episode 16 - Party Girl
Product ID : sku00019
Jessica is picked up at a party by a stranger, but when she later refuses his...
Episode 15 - Terrorized
Product ID : sku00018
Suzi plays the part of Andrea Bates in this redux of "Terrorized", where...
Episode 14 - Blood Money
Product ID : sku00017
Suzi plays a blackmailer who blackmails the wrong man! As he tries to decide...
Episode 13 - Judge, Jury & Executioner
Product ID : sku00016
Meredith plays a scheming mistress who gets caught in her intrigue. Can she...
Episode 12 - The Killing Game
Product ID : sku00013
Suzi plays an operative of an underworld organization known as The Killing...
Episode 11 - The Expendable Hostage
Product ID : sku00012
Jessica plays a foreign educated debutante.
Episode 10 - Caught In The Crossfire
Product ID : sku00011
Suzi returns to the 'Silk 'N Blood' series as an espionage agent. She's...
Episode 09 - A Bullet For Stella
Product ID : sku00010
Jessica plays Stella, a sexy woman who gets involved in a dangerous game of...
Episode 08 - Exit Interview
Product ID : sku00009
Petra is interviewed by AF Escorts and then auditions for a fantasy video,...
Episode 07 - The Micro-Murder
Product ID : sku00008
Jessica has been stealing top secret microchip designs, but is caught in the...