"Final Moments" Series

"Final Moments" Series
F. M. #9 - Another Burglary Victim
Product ID : sku01230
Shannon Oracle detects a burglary!
F. M. #8 - The Unknown Victim
Product ID : sku01225
Shannon Oracle returns with more psychic visions!
F.M. #7 - Victim of Fraud
Product ID : sku01031
Shannon Oracle suspects an insurance salesman of a crime!
F.M. #6 - Victimized Lover
Product ID : sku01024
Shannon Oracle sees how greed and jealousy can be a lethal mix!
F.M. #5 - A Victim of Revenge
Product ID : sku01023
Suzi (as Shannon Oracle) learns about a victim who gets her revenge!
F.M. #4 - A Victim of Invention
Product ID : sku01022
Suzi (as Shannon Oracle) tracks down an inventor!
F.M. #3 - The Sniper's Victim
Product ID : sku01010
Suzi (as Shannon Oracle) helps the police to track down a sniper!
F.M. #2 - The Perfect Victim
Product ID : sku01007
Suzi plays Shannon Oracle, a psychic who solves the murder of a double agent!
F.M. #1 - The Innocent Victim
Product ID : sku00230
Suzi plays Shannon Oracle, a psychic whose power is triggered by an object...