"Vivacious Vigilantes" Series

"Vivacious Vigilantes" Series
V.V.#12 - Supernova 3: Enter Superkick
Product ID : sku00426
Supernova's unofficial sidekick steals the show!
V.V.#11 - Bountyhuntress: Revenge
Product ID : sku00417
Bountyhuntress comes up against a threat from her past!
V.V.#10 - Wondra 3: Mastered
Product ID : sku00413
The Conclusion of the Master Mace story arc!
V.V.#9 - Darkwing 3: Civilian Guise
Product ID : sku00410
Darkwing's secret identity is revealed!
V.V.#8 - Dark Widow: The Medusa Agenda
Product ID : sku00392
Dark Widow takes on Madam Medusa!
V.V.#7 - Darkwing Returns
Product ID : sku00390
Darkwing returns to take on Phoenix!
V.V.#6 - Darkwing: Flying Solo
Product ID : sku00371
Darkwing takes on Master Mace and his Seventh Sanctum operatives!
V.V.#5 - Dark Canary: To Catch a Predator
Product ID : sku00351
Dark Canary tracks down a killer that the police are unable to apprehend!
V.V.#4 - Catwarrior (2 in 1 package)
Product ID : sku00346
Catwarrior takes on Master Mace and his henchmen!
V.V.#3: Wondra in "Fall of a Heroine"
Product ID : sku00330
Wondra takes on Master Mace from the Seventh Sanctum.
V.V.#2: Ultrawoman in "The Secret Life & Death of Agent Steel
Product ID : sku00191
The sexy Agent Steel is sent to an apartment to steal top secret info for...
V.V.#1: Wonderbabe in "Deathtrap"
Product ID : sku00138
Meredith is Wonderbabe, a superheroine who is challenged by a resourceful...