"Vivacious Vigilantes" Series

"Vivacious Vigilantes" Series
V.V.#78 - Supernova Prime 3: Vengeance
Product ID : sku00907

Supernova Prime takes the battle to Xander!

V.V.#77 - Ultrawoman 9: Vendetta
Product ID : sku00901

Agent Steel transforms into Ultrawoman to take on a Collector threat!

V.V.#76 - Teen Bat 4: Targeted
Product ID : sku00899
Teen Bat's origin continues!
V.V.#75 - Wonderkick 3: Freedom Fighter
Product ID : sku00893
Wonderkick tries to free herself from the Collectors' control!
V.V.#74 - Dark Wondra 3: Power Drain
Product ID : sku00888
Dark Wondra returns to take on the Collectors!
V.V.#73 - Ultrawoman 8: Undercover Amazon
Product ID : sku00881
Agent Steel takes on the Collectors, but Ultrawoman has to finish the job!
V.V.#72a - Catwarrior 8: Captured Kitty (alternate version)
Product ID : sku00873
Finally, we find out what happened to the original Catwarrior, and she's...
V.V.#72 - Catwarrior 8: Captured Kitty
Product ID : sku00871
Finally, we find out what happened to the original Catwarrior, and she's alive!
V.V.#71 - Darkwing 16: Mind Games
Product ID : sku00864
Darkwing takes on Xander in an attempt to stop the inevitable!
V.V.#70 - Supernova Prime 2: Alien Dawn
Product ID : sku00860
Supernova Prime takes on Doomsayer!
V.V.#68 - Teen Bat 3: Genesis
Product ID : sku00850
This prequel features the first appearance of Teen Bat!
V.V.#67 - Dark Guardian: Shockwave
Product ID : sku00845
Killer Watt traps Dark Guardian!
V.V.#66 - Teen Bat 2: Vanquished
Product ID : sku00843
Teen Bat battles Killer Watt!
V.V.#65 - Darkwing 15: On The Trail of Supernova X
Product ID : sku00834
Darkwing battles Supernova!
V.V.#64 - Darkwing 14: Ambushed
Product ID : sku00830
Darkwing takes on Killer Watt!
V.V.#63 - Supernova Prime: Earthbound
Product ID : sku00821
Supernova Prime returns to take on the 7th Sanctum!
V.V.#62 - Blackbird 4: Solitary Cry
Product ID : sku00807
Blackbird is captured but fights her way free!
V.V.#61 - Supernova 14: On The Run
Product ID : sku00804
Supernova is being hunted as a killer!