Scotland Yard Cold Cases

Scotland Yard Cold Cases
Recreations of fictionalized Scotland Yard unsolved cases.
S.Y.C.C. #69 - Reviewing The Evidence
Product ID : sku01547

D.I. Hedren looks at a famous crime scene with fresh eyes!

S.Y.C.C. #68 - The Seductive Spy
Product ID : sku01544

Two spies on the same side disagree on an espionage operation!

S.Y.C.C. #67 - Where There’s A Will
Product ID : sku01543

A woman inherits a fortune when her husband dies!

S.Y.C.C. #66 - The Hitwoman
Product ID : sku01537

Danica plays a woman on a mission!

S.Y.C.C. #65 - Karma's A Bitch
Product ID : sku01536

Danica makes her Scotland Yard Cold Cases debut!

S.Y.C.C. #64 - Deadly Rivals
Product ID : sku01526

Yvonne's character tracks down the UK Strangler.

S.Y.C.C. #63 - Tying Up Loose Ends
Product ID : sku01524

Yvonne's character tracks down Janet.

S.Y.C.C. #62 - Payday
Product ID : sku01513

It's time for Sienna to pay up on a contract!

S.Y.C.C. #61b - The Curious Detective (Alternate Version)
Product ID : sku01512

D.I. Ella Johnson is hot on the trail of a serial killer!

S.Y.C.C. #61 - The Curious Detective
Product ID : sku01511

D.I. Ella Johnson is hot on the trail of a serial killer!

S.Y.C.C. #60 - Search & Recovery
Product ID : sku01505

A thief is tracked down to recovery a valuable item!

S.Y.C.C. #59 - Smuggler’s Greed
Product ID : sku01504

A flight attendant gets involved in a smuggling operation!

S.Y.C.C. #58 - Out of Court Settlement
Product ID : sku01498

Cameron's husband decides on an out-of-court settlement!

S.Y.C.C. #57 - The Espionage Wars
Product ID : sku01497

Cameron tries to outsmart an enemy agent!

S.Y.C.C. #56 - Lady Killer
Product ID : sku01494

A hitwoman plies her trade in London!

S.Y.C.C. #55 - Call M For Murder
Product ID : sku01493

Based loosely on the Hitchcock classic!

S.Y.C.C. #54 - Loose Ends
Product ID : sku01481
Partners in crime attempt a double cross!
S.Y.C.C. #53 - Hyde & Seek
Product ID : sku01480
DI Hyde questions the file clerk who accessed his cold case files!