"Silk 'N Blood" Series

"Silk 'N Blood" Series
Episode 07 - The Micro-Murder
Product ID : sku00008
Jessica has been stealing top secret microchip designs, but is caught in the...
Episode 06 - A Model Shoot
Product ID : sku00007
In his first case, Dr. Horne uses his psychic gift to solve the mystery of...
Episode 05 - Checkout Time
Product ID : sku00006
It's time for Petra to check out of her hotel room. A couple of killers make...
Episode 04 - Backseat Strangler
Product ID : sku00005
Petra doesn't suspect that she's been targeted until she returns to her car...
Episode 03 - Late Date
Product ID : sku00004
Suzi opens her door expecting her date, but her date is late, and she's just...
Episode 02 - The Intruder
Product ID : sku00003
Suzi plays twin sisters who are stalked by a mysterious predator. A very...
Episode 01 - Slain In Silk
Product ID : sku00002
The beautiful Petra has stolen secret codes, but she is followed to her hotel...