"Sexy Superheroines" Series

"Sexy Superheroines" Series
Featuring popular superheroine characters in action-packed adventures! (Formerly "Sultry Superheroines")
SS#40 - Athena: Amazon Onslaught (Peril)
Product ID : sku00644
Athena, an amazon warrior, comes looking for her lost sisters!(Peril)
SS#39 - Dark Widow 2: The Real Deal (Peril)
Product ID : sku00640
Claire is the "Real Deal"... the real Dark Widow!(Peril)
SS#38 - Ultrawoman 3: Return to Active Duty (Peril)
Product ID : sku00632
Agent Steel, the original Ultrawoman, returns to take on the Collectors!(Peril)
SS#37 - White Angel 15 (Peril)
Product ID : sku00629
White Angel Natasha Reese challenges Master Gold Face to a duel to the...
SS#36 - Wonderkick 2: Collector's Item (Peril)
Product ID : sku00624
Wonderkick falls under the power of The Collectors!(Peril)
SS#35 - Darkwing 8: Takedown (Peril)
Product ID : sku00607
Darkwing takes on a group of villains including RRS, DeadKill & Bloodletter!
SS#34 - Darkwing 7: Operation Undercover (Peril)
Product ID : sku00597
Darkwing is captured by Morpheus!
SS#33 - Catwarrior 5: Whipped (Peril)
Product ID : sku00588
Catwarrior is interrogated by Whiplash Agent August! (MP4 version)
SS#32 - Catwarrior 4: Whiplash Encounter (Peril)
Product ID : sku00584
Catwarrior mounts an attack on Whiplash! (MP4 version)
SS#31 - Ultrawoman 2: The Seeker (Peril)
Product ID : sku00573
Ultrawoman is sent from the Amazon homeland to find Wondra! (MP4 version)
SS#30: White Angel 9.5 (Peril MP4)
Product ID : sku00566
This is a prequel to White Angel 10, where Agent Reese fights her way into...
SS#29 - Supernova 5: Target Acquired (Peril)
Product ID : sku00562
Supernova takes on the mysterious Dark Wondra! (MP4 version)
SS#28: White Angel 11
Product ID : sku00555
Danica Thrall as White Angel Agent Reese has her final battle with Agent X!...
SS#27: White Angel 10
Product ID : sku00551
Danica Thrall returns as White Angel Agent Reese! (Peril - MP4)
SS#26 - Dark Canary 2: Showdown (Peril)
Product ID : sku00542
Dark Canary returns to take on her nemesis, RRS! (MP4 version)
SS#25 - Darkwing 6: Who Rules the Night? (Peril)
Product ID : sku00520
Darkwing takes on Agent August! (MP4 version)
SS#24 - Teen Bat 1: Baptism of Fire (Peril)
Product ID : sku00510
Teen Bat, our latest sidekick, makes her debut! (MP4 version)
SS#23 - Catwarrior 3: The Heist (Peril)
Product ID : sku00504
Catwarrior is attacked by two men intent on stealing her loot! (MP4 version)