"Sexy Superheroines" Series

"Sexy Superheroines" Series
Featuring popular superheroine characters in action-packed adventures! (Formerly "Sultry Superheroines")
SS#76 - Supernova 15: Doomsayer
Product ID : sku00858
Supernova fights Doomsayer to rescue Supernova Prime!
SS#75 - Teen Bat 3: Genesis (Peril)
Product ID : sku00851
This prequel features the first appearance of Teen Bat!
SS#74 - Dark Guardian: Shockwave (Peril)
Product ID : sku00846
Killer Watt traps Dark Guardian! (Peril)
SS#73 - Teen Bat 2: Vanquished (Peril)
Product ID : sku00844
Teen Bat takes on Killer Watt! (Peril)
SS#72 - Darkwing 15: On The Trail of Supernova X (Peril)
Product ID : sku00833
Darkwing battles Supernova! (Peril)
SS#71 - Darkwing 14: Ambushed (Peril)
Product ID : sku00829
Darkwing takes on Killer Watt! (Both Peril Versions)
SS#70 - Supernova Prime: Earthbound (Peril)
Product ID : sku00820
Supernova Prime returns to take on the 7th Sanctum! (Peril)
SS#69 - Blackbird 4: Solitary Cry (Peril)
Product ID : sku00806
Blackbird is captured but fights her way free! (Peril)
SS#68 - Supernova 14: On The Run (Peril)
Product ID : sku00803
Supernova is being hunted as a killer! (Peril)
SS#67 - Wondra 5: Payback (Peril)
Product ID : sku00801
Wondra alone against the 7th Sanctum! (Peril)
SS#66 - Ultrawoman 7: Return of Wondra (Peril)
Product ID : sku00799
Ultrawoman vs. Wondra! (Peril)
SS#65 - Supernova 13: Identity Crisis (Peril)
Product ID : sku00797
Supernova vs. Xander! (Peril)
SS#64 - Ultrawoman 6: Catching a Break (Peril)
Product ID : sku00795
Ultrawoman takes on the new Morpheus! (Peril)
SS#63 - Supernova 12: Secrets (Peril)
Product ID : sku00792
Supernova's secret identity is revealed on live TV! (Peril)! Introducing...
SS#62 - Supernova 11: Prime Directive (Peril)
Product ID : sku00785
Enter Supernova Prime(Peril)! Introducing Melody Sky!
SS#61 - Dark Wondra 2: Friend or Foe? (Peril)
Product ID : sku00782
Dark Wondra and Catwarrior team up!(Peril)
SS#60 - Catwarrior 7: The Legend Continues (Peril)
Product ID : sku00779
Lena is the new Catwarrior!(Peril)
SS#59 - Dark Wondra 1: Collected (Peril)
Product ID : sku00774
Dark Wondra takes on the Collectors!(Peril)