Season 7

Season 7
Episode 151 - Mexican Standoff
Product ID : sku00261
This tells the tale of a bank robbery gone bad!
Episode 150 - One Man's Dream is Another Man's Nightmare
Product ID : sku00255
A man passes out at an office party and has a strange dream involving his...
Episode 149 - Double Booked
Product ID : sku00254
A hitman is hired by a jealous wife to eliminate her husband's mistress. It...
Episode 148 - The Party's Over
Product ID : sku00250
A couple have just hosted a party for the husband's business associates, but...
Episode 147 - "Bloodbath"
Product ID : sku00249
Petra makes the mistake of skimming from a mob operation, and the local Don...
Episode 146 - I, Hunter
Product ID : sku00237
Helga (Petra) is a hitwoman who is reportedly the best in the business....
Episode 145 - The Palm Beach Strangler
Product ID : sku00236
Season #7 begins with a rampage by the feared Palm Beach Strangler! Milena...