Season 4

Season 4
Episode 81 - Dance For Me
Product ID : sku00113
Suzi mistakes a masked man for a friend dressed up for Halloween. Once she...
Episode 80 - Lead Shower
Product ID : sku00112
Petra plays Jade, a jewel thief who has just fenced a jewelery heist and...
Episode 79 - The Party Crasher
Product ID : sku00111
Three gorgeous girls (Suzi, Velvet and Kerie) are having a party, but one of...
Episode 78 - Get Out Of Town
Product ID : sku00109
Treasury agents are closing in on a counterfeiting operation. Kerie plays...
Episode 77 - Smothered With Love
Product ID : sku00108
A former lover of Suzi's character becomes a dangerous stalker who decides...
Episode 76 - Preemptive Strike
Product ID : sku00107
A terrorist has stolen plans to an important government building, but the...
Episode 75 - Elevated Emotions
Product ID : sku00106
A rich man with underworld connections suspects that his beautiful, young...
Episode 74 - The Beneficiary
Product ID : sku00105
Voytek plays an insurance salesman who draws his business partner, played by...
Episode 73 - The Real Estate Strangler
Product ID : sku00104
Kerie plays a real estate saleslady who is showing a condominium to a...