"Silk 'N Blood" Series

"Silk 'N Blood" Series
Episode 144 - Target 24
Product ID : sku00234
Kerie plays a hitwoman known as Phantom, who is assigned to kill witness Gina...
Episode 150 - One Man's Dream is Another Man's Nightmare
Product ID : sku00255
A man passes out at an office party and has a strange dream involving his...
Episode 171 - The Party Invitation
Product ID : sku00328
Three young women arrive at a costume party, but the location is abandoned......
Episode 174 - Motel Psycho
Product ID : sku00341
Two young women are harassed by a strange motel night clerk!
Episode 178 - Pandora's Final Conflict
Product ID : sku00348
The final instalment of the Pandora's Box trilogy, featuring Petra, Suzi and...
Episode 184b - To Serve and Protect - Part 2
Product ID : sku00363
A hitman is sent to silence the state's witness.
Episode 206 - The Campus Maniac
Product ID : sku00485
The campus is on high alert for a maniac stalker!
Episode 212 - Takeoff Aborted
Product ID : sku00525
Airline heist goes sour!
Episode 217 - Bound and Determined
Product ID : sku00537
Industrial espionage pits spies against one another.
Episode 220 - Wet & Wild
Product ID : sku00546
Two occupants of the same apartment are targeted!
Episode 225 - Hired Guns
Product ID : sku00569
A mob boss aims to get even with her rival!
Episode 242 - Fatal Coincidence
Product ID : sku00698
Petra and Lena have hidden a secret that threatens them both!
Episode 243 - Smoking Kills
Product ID : sku00713
Petra confronts Lena and Kerie about her recent diagnosis!
Episode 250 - Nouveau Reich
Product ID : sku00778
Suzi tries to infiltrate the Wondrous White Warriors!
Episode 291 - Midnight Call
Product ID : sku00908
Petra and Suzi are partners in a cosmetic company!
Episode 292 - Bermuda Triangle
Product ID : sku00918
Suzi, Tiffany and Velvets play gorgeous treasure hunters!
Episode 296 - The Cabin on the Beach
Product ID : sku00925
Suzi, Kerie and Velvets rent a lonely cabin on the beach!
Episode 306 - Therapy
Product ID : sku00942
Kerie plays a therapist!