"Silk 'N Blood" Series

"Silk 'N Blood" Series
Episode 31 & 32 - Treacherous Secretary (Full Version)
Product ID : sku00036
A secretary, played by Meredith, sells out her boss, played by Charlene, to a...
Episode 52 & 53 - Blackmail & Black Lace (Full Version)
Product ID : sku00058
Velvet is Suzi's ace in the hole as she blackmails a mob boss. The mob boss...
Episode 55 & 56 - Trick & Treat (Full Version)
Product ID : sku00062
Suzi and Velvet are dressed for a Halloween party, when a killer masquerading...
Episode 180 - Deadly Competition 2 (Full Version)
Product ID : sku00356
Two actresses contend for the same role!
Episode 198-9 - Flight Cancelled (Full Version)
Product ID : sku00463
Two flight attendants steal a fortune from the airlines!
Episode 285 - Ghost Assassin (Full Version)
Product ID : sku00889
The Black Widow Academy has a reunion!
Episode 61 - Final Performance (Full Version)
Product ID : sku00067
Suzi plays three roles (blackmailer, nurse and cheerleader) in this sexy...
Episode 71 - Quarterback's Girl
Product ID : sku00099
Quarterback Bobby is having an affair with a beautiful cheerleader played by...
Episode 184 - To Serve & Protect (Full Version)
Product ID : sku00361
Agent Reese (Petra) is charged with protecting a state witness (Kerie).
Episode 120 - Death Row Interview - Full Version
Product ID : sku00180
Suzi (Steely-eyed) Logan is facing execution on Death Row, when a reporter...
Episode 129 - Tormented
Product ID : sku00200
Suzi is receiving mysterious and threatening phone calls, but her friends,...
Episode 133 - Double Agents
Product ID : sku00207
(This is the full version of the video. It is also available in three...
Episode 152 - Pandora's Revenge
Product ID : sku00262
A continuation of the "Pandora's Box" storyline.
Episode 101 - Safe House?
Product ID : sku00144
Kerie plays a hitwoman who bribes the guard of a 'safe house' to let her into...
Episode 154 - The Deadly Competition
Product ID : sku00270
Tiffany and Suzi compete for a part in a thriller!
Episode 151 - Mexican Standoff
Product ID : sku00261
This tells the tale of a bank robbery gone bad!
Episode 146 - I, Hunter
Product ID : sku00237
Helga (Petra) is a hitwoman who is reportedly the best in the business....
Episode 149 - Double Booked
Product ID : sku00254
A hitman is hired by a jealous wife to eliminate her husband's mistress. It...