"Sexy Superheroines" Series

"Sexy Superheroines" Series
Featuring popular superheroine characters in action-packed adventures! (Formerly "Sultry Superheroines")
SS#85a - Ultrawoman 9: Vendetta (Girl Power)
Product ID : sku00902
Agent Steel and Ultrawoman take on a Collector threat! (Girl Power version)
SS#112a - Wondra 6: Entrapment (Extra Footage only)
Product ID : sku01191
This is only extra footage from Wondra 6!
SS#12 - Bountyhuntress: Revenge
Product ID : sku00418
Bountyhuntress comes up against a threat from her past in this Peril Version!
SS#2 - Catwarrior (single video)
Product ID : sku00347
The beautiful and fearless Catwarrior takes on Master Mace!
SS#3 - Dark Canary: To Catch a Predator (Peril)
Product ID : sku00350
Dark Canary is on the trail of a killer who the police cannot apprehend!
SS#5 - Darkwing Returns
Product ID : sku00391
Darkwing returns to take on Phoenix!
SS#6 - Dark Widow: The Medusa Agenda
Product ID : sku00393
Dark Widow takes on Madam Medusa!
SS#10 - Darkwing 3: Civilian Guise (Peril)
Product ID : sku00408
Darkwing's secret identity is revealed!
SS#11 - Wondra 3: Mastered (Peril)
Product ID : sku00415
The Conclusion of the Master Mace story arc! (Peril)
SS#13 - Supernova 3: Enter Superkick
Product ID : sku00427
Supernova's unofficial sidekick steals the show! (Peril Version)
SS#14 - Darkwing 4: Hunted by Supernova
Product ID : sku00437
Darkwing has to think quickly, because Supernova has sworn to bring her to...
SS#4 - Darkwing: Flying Solo
Product ID : sku00370
Darkwing takes on Master Mace and his Seventh Sanctum operatives!
SS#7 - Supernova: Alien Incursion
Product ID : sku00399
This is Part 1 of the first Supernova story arc starring Danica Thrall!
SS#16 - White Angel 6 (Peril)
Product ID : sku00447
Enter Danica as the newest White Angel Super Agent! (Peril)
SS#19 - Catwarrior 2: Cat vs. Jackal (Peril)
Product ID : sku00471
Catwarrior returns and a catfight ensues! (MP4 version)
SS#20 - Wonderkick: In Search of Wondra (Peril)
Product ID : sku00481
Wonderkick is on the trail of the missing Wondra! (MP4)
SS#21 - Superkick vs. Wonderkick: (Peril - MP4)
Product ID : sku00489
Superkick returns to take on the upstart Wonderkick! (MP4 version)
SS#18 - Wondra 4: Turning to Dark Side (Peril)
Product ID : sku00462
It's Wondra against the Seventh Sanctum! (Peril)