Season 6

Season 6
Episode 129 - Tormented
Product ID : sku00200
Suzi is receiving mysterious and threatening phone calls, but her friends,...
Episode 133 - Double Agents
Product ID : sku00207
(This is the full version of the video. It is also available in three...
Episode 144 - Target 24
Product ID : sku00234
Kerie plays a hitwoman known as Phantom, who is assigned to kill witness Gina...
Episode 132 - Scene of the Crime
Product ID : sku00206
Dr. Horne examines the body of a recently murdered woman, then leaves a...
Episode 135 - Wrong Target
Product ID : sku00224
An F.B.I. agent is sent by her superior on a mission to terminate an assassin...
Episode 142 - Disappearing Act
Product ID : sku00231
Ace, former illusionist turned hitman, enlists the aid of his lover, Lydia...
Episode 121 - Options
Product ID : sku00184
Suzi plays a hitwoman who is assigned to eliminate a very hard to kill...
Episode 128 - The Good Samaritan
Product ID : sku00196
Petra makes the mistake of being a good Samaritan and letting a handsome...
Episode 137 - Silk Screening
Product ID : sku00215
Suzi and Petra are two actresses who are filming a shoot-out, but the...
Episode 122 - The White Warriors
Product ID : sku00185
Kerie plays Christine Cross, a member of a Neo-Nazi party, who is being...
Episode 123 - Nine Lives
Product ID : sku00186
Suzi is a hitwoman who is assigned to take down an assasin who apparently has...
Episode 124 - Whirlpool of Events
Product ID : sku00189
Kerie plays an employee who quits her job when she finds out that her...
Episode 125 - Black Widow
Product ID : sku00190
Petra is the Black Widow, a female serial killer who picks up men at the Club...
Episode 126 - Terror TV
Product ID : sku00193
An actress is stalked by a deranged fan.
Episode 127 - Sacrificial Lamb
Product ID : sku00195
Suzi becomes involved in a Satanic cult. Meredith, as the cult's priestess,...
Episode 130 - Witness In Silk
Product ID : sku00202
Petra Morgan is an undercover agent who is scheduled to testify against a mob...
Episode 131 - Last Smoke
Product ID : sku00205
Petra awakens to a sound, but dismisses it as her imagination. She reaches...
Episode 134 - Christmas Stalking
Product ID : sku00211
This Episode introduces Cuddly Kelli to the Bluestone cast! Kelli arrives...