Season 4

Season 4
Episode 89a - A Case of Mistaken Identity - Part 1
Product ID : sku00122
This is Part 1 only of "The Case of Mistaken Identity", subtitled "Amanda"....
Episode 89b - A Case of Mistaken Identity - Part 2
Product ID : sku00123
This is Part 2 of "A Case of Mistaken Identity", subtitled "Miranda". It...
Episode 73 - The Real Estate Strangler
Product ID : sku00104
Kerie plays a real estate saleslady who is showing a condominium to a...
Episode 74 - The Beneficiary
Product ID : sku00105
Voytek plays an insurance salesman who draws his business partner, played by...
Episode 75 - Elevated Emotions
Product ID : sku00106
A rich man with underworld connections suspects that his beautiful, young...
Episode 76 - Preemptive Strike
Product ID : sku00107
A terrorist has stolen plans to an important government building, but the...
Episode 77 - Smothered With Love
Product ID : sku00108
A former lover of Suzi's character becomes a dangerous stalker who decides...
Episode 78 - Get Out Of Town
Product ID : sku00109
Treasury agents are closing in on a counterfeiting operation. Kerie plays...
Episode 80 - Lead Shower
Product ID : sku00112
Petra plays Jade, a jewel thief who has just fenced a jewelery heist and...
Episode 81 - Dance For Me
Product ID : sku00113
Suzi mistakes a masked man for a friend dressed up for Halloween. Once she...
Episode 82 - Strange Bedfellows
Product ID : sku00114
Politics makes for strange bedfellows as Sultry Suzi discovers! Suzi plays a...
Episode 83 - One More Time
Product ID : sku00115
Meredith arrives home to find a former lover waiting for her... with a gun!...
Episode 84 - Her Last Photoshoot
Product ID : sku00116
Petra plays a model who is being filmed by a female photographer played by...
Episode 85 - Worked To Death
Product ID : sku00117
Petra plays a secretary who is working late in a lonely office. She jumps at...
Episode 86 - Golden Silence
Product ID : sku00118
Jessica returns as Erica Gabor, a pretty blonde who has seen a murder on her...
Episode 87 - Good Cop, Bad Cop
Product ID : sku00119
Suzi plays a female terrorist who has been captured by the Feds and...
Episode 88a - Concealed In Silence - Short Version
Product ID : sku00129
This is the shorter 20 Minute Video!
For the full 30 Minute Version,...
Episode 90 - Blood Ransom
Product ID : sku00130
Precious Petra plays a sexy blackmailer, and Marvelous Meredith reprises her...