Season 3

Season 3
Episode 49 - Shooting Gallery
Product ID : sku00053
Suzi is placed in the Witness Protection Program, but the mob has an inside...
Episode 50 - Divorce West Palm Beach Style
Product ID : sku00054
In 'Divorce West Palm Beach Style', Suzi's character wakes up to find her...
Episode 51 - Just Desserts
Product ID : sku00055
Meredith's character hires a contract killer to eliminate a rival, but her...
Episode 52 & 53 - Blackmail & Black Lace (Full Version)
Product ID : sku00058
Velvet is Suzi's ace in the hole as she blackmails a mob boss. The mob boss...
Episode 52 - Blackmail & Black Lace (Part 1)
Product ID : sku00056
Velvet is Suzi's ace in the hole as she blackmails a mob boss. If anything...
Episode 53 - Blackmail & Black Lace (Part 2)
Product ID : sku00057
Suzi's blackmail scheme backfires on her, as the mob boss sends his deadly...
Episode 54 - Unfaithful Wife
Product ID : sku00059
Charlene plays a cheating wife who is targeted by a contract killer in the...
Episode 55 & 56 - Trick & Treat (Full Version)
Product ID : sku00062
Suzi and Velvet are dressed for a Halloween party, when a killer masquerading...
Episode 55 - Trick & Treat (Part 1)
Product ID : sku00060
On her way to a Halloween party, Velvet mistakes a dangerous, costumed man...
Episode 56 - Trick & Treat (Part 2)
Product ID : sku00061
Suzi is dressed for a Halloween party, when a killer masquerading as her...
Episode 57 - Fatal Interruption
Product ID : sku00063
Suzi interrupts a prowler as he's ransacking her home. The prowler chokes her...
Episode 58 - Spy vs. Spy
Product ID : sku00064
Miss Black Velvets plays a deadly Russian spy, the black spy, who tracks down...
Episode 59 - The Christmas Murder Mystery
Product ID : sku00065
Suzi is cut out of a robbery operation when she becomes too conspicuous in...
Episode 60 - The False Witness
Product ID : sku00066
Miss Black Velvets plays a government agent who is set up by a mob informant....
Episode 61 - Final Performance (Full Version)
Product ID : sku00067
Suzi plays three roles (blackmailer, nurse and cheerleader) in this sexy...
Episode 61a - Final Performance (The Blackmailer)
Product ID : sku00068
Suzi plays a blackmailer in this sexy drama. This is Part 1 of a 3 Part story...
Episode 61b - Final Performance (The Nurse)
Product ID : sku00069
Suzi plays a nurse who turned in a doctor for incompetence. He decides to...
Episode 61c - Final Performance (The Cheerleader)
Product ID : sku00070
Suzi plays herself in this final chapter. As she unsuspectingly performs her...