Season 2

Season 2
Episode 31 & 32 - Treacherous Secretary (Full Version)
Product ID : sku00036
A secretary, played by Meredith, sells out her boss, played by Charlene, to a...
Episode 25 - Dream Girl
Product ID : sku00028
The beautiful Petra is having precognitve dreams about being stalked by a...
Episode 26 - Satan's Kiss
Product ID : sku00029
Charlene plays a glamourous call girl who assumes that her customer is out...
Episode 27 - A Babe, A Bikini & A Bullet
Product ID : sku00030
Miles, a photographer played by Dean Paul, owes money to the mob. He is...
Episode 28 - To Kill A Thief
Product ID : sku00031
Suzi tries to double-cross her partner in crime, but he double-crosses her...
Episode 29 - A Woman Scorned
Product ID : sku00032
Suzi catches Velvet having an affair with her mob boss husband. She plans to...
Episode 30 - Natural Causes
Product ID : sku00033
Suzi answers the door to a salesman, then begins choking. Will the stranger...
Episode 31 - Treacherous Secretary (Part 1)
Product ID : sku00034
A secretary, played by Meredith, sells out her boss, played by Charlene, to a...
Episode 32 - Treacherous Secretary (Part 2)
Product ID : sku00035
Meredith, the treacherous secretary, reaps what she has sown. The hitman...
Episode 33 - Psycho Suzi
Product ID : sku00037
Suzi plays a very convincing maniac killer in this Halloween Special!Velvet...
Episode 34 - Light-Fingered Lady
Product ID : sku00038
Jessica makes the mistake of stealing from her underworld boss. When he...
Episode 35 - Death of a Hitwoman
Product ID : sku00039
Jessica plays a hitwoman who is far too cocky and sloppy. Her boss is...
Episode 36 - Double Jeopardy
Product ID : sku00040
Miss Black Velvets (a.k.a. Velvet) witnesses a murder from her apartment...
Episode 37 - Suicide Club
Product ID : sku00041
Suzi hires the Suicide Club to assist her with killing herself. Find out the...
Episode 38 - The Sexy Snoop
Product ID : sku00042
Charlene returns as a curious secretary who gets caught in the act of...
Episode 39 - Killer in Black Latex
Product ID : sku00043
Velvet plays a sexy, hired killer. Suzi plays her 'target'! Can Suzi convince...
Episode 40 - Anguished Patient
Product ID : sku00044
Suzi plays a nurse and a tease. Believing that a dangerous patient is still...
Episode 41 - Hostile Takeover
Product ID : sku00045
Someone is assassinating corporate executives, so Detective Joe Pace...