V.V.#136 -Spider-Warrior: Unmasked
Sienna Scarlett is "Spider-Warrior"!
C.E. #37 - Darkwing 2: Darkwing Returns (Collectors' Edition)
A classic epic Darkwing episode! "Darkwing Returns" has been upgraded to BIG...
S.Y.C.C. #58 - Out of Court Settlement

Cameron's husband decides on an out-of-court settlement!

S.Y.C.C. #57 - The Espionage Wars

Cameron tries to outsmart an enemy agent!

SS#143 - Supernova 33: Dark Fantasy
Has Dark Nova returned?
S.Y.C.C. #56 - Lady Killer

A hitwoman plies her trade in London!

S.Y.C.C. #55 - Call M For Murder

Based loosely on the Hitchcock classic!

D.C.#33 - The Executioner Bids Farewell (Director’s Cut)
Petra is terrorized by a stalker!
V.V.#134 - Teen Bat 9: Victim of RRS
Teen Bat is used to frame RRS by parties unknown!