S.Y.C.C. #64 - Deadly Rivals

Yvonne's character tracks down the UK Strangler.

D.C.#38 - The Replacement (Director’s Cut)
Jessica becomes Petra's replacement in the spy game!
S.Y.C.C. #63 - Tying Up Loose Ends

Yvonne's character tracks down Janet.

D.C.#37 - Case of the Silk Strangler (Director’s Cut)
Two women are concerned when a serial killer is reported near their home.
C.E. #43 – Wondra 6: Entrapment (Collectors' Edition)
The classic "Wondra 6: Entrapment" has been updated to BIG SCREEN resolution!
D.C.#36 - Balaclava Killer (Director's Cut)
Petra interrupts a burglary in progress!
C.E. #42 - From Russia With Love (Version 1) (Collectors' Edition)
The classic "From Russia With Love - Version 1" has been updated to BIG...
C.E. #41 - Supernova 13: Identity Crisis (Collectors' Edition)
Another classic upgrade of Supernova in "Identity Crisis" starring Melanie...
C.E. #40 - Supernova 11: Prime Directive (Collectors' Edition)
Another classic upgrade of Supernova Prime in "Prime Directive" starring...