SS #59a - Dark Wondra: Collected (Extended Girl Power)

SS #59a - Dark Wondra: Collected (Extended Girl Power)
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This video is a special re-edit of a story arc that originally comprised 3 episodes: "Dark Wondra: Collected", "Catwarior: The Legend Continues" and "Dark Wondra: Friend or Foe"!
Dark Wondra takes on the Seventh Sanctum, but is captured. The new Catwarrior is then attacked by an electrically-charged villainess known as Killer Watt, who manages to capture Catwarrior. When Dark Wondra and Catwarrior recover consciousness, they have to take on the Seventh Sanctum's latest powerful operative. Will even their combined might to enough to defeat the Seventh Sanctum and free themselves? Well, this video will supply the answer.
Prepare to be entertained by this 20 minute blockbuster!

This is the special GIRL POWER version of this storyline!

So, not everything in the Dark Wondra and Catwarrior trailers below are included in this version!

CLICK HERE FOR THE "Dark Wondra: Collected" TRAILER!

CLICK HERE FOR THE "Catwarior: The Legend Continues" TRAILER!

CLICK HERE FOR THE "Dark Wondra: Friend or Foe" TRAILER!

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