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"Sexy Superheroines" Series

"Sexy Superheroines" Series
Featuring popular superheroine characters in action-packed adventures! (Formerly "Sultry Superheroines")
SS#31 - Ultrawoman 2: The Seeker (Peril)
Product ID : sku00571
Ultrawoman is sent from the Amazon homeland to find Wondra!
SS#30: White Angel 9.5 (Peril)
Product ID : sku00564
This is a prequel to White Angel 10, where Agent Reese fights her way into...
SS#29 - Supernova 5: Target Acquired (Peril)
Product ID : sku00560
Supernova takes on the mysterious Dark Wondra!
SS#28: White Angel 11
Product ID : sku00553
Danica Thrall as White Angel Agent Reese has her final battle with Agent X!...
SS#27: White Angel 10
Product ID : sku00549
Danica Thrall returns as White Angel Agent Reese! (Peril)
SS#26 - Dark Canary 2: Showdown (Peril)
Product ID : sku00541
Dark Canary returns to take on her nemesis, RRS!
SS#25 - Darkwing 6: Who Rules the Night? (Peril)
Product ID : sku00518
Darkwing takes on Agent August!
SS#24 - Teen Bat 1: Baptism of Fire (Peril)
Product ID : sku00508
Teen Bat, our latest sidekick, makes her debut!
SS#23 - Catwarrior 3: The Heist (Peril)
Product ID : sku00502
Catwarrior is attacked by two men intent on stealing her loot!
SS#22 - Darkwing 5: Dark Deception (Peril)
Product ID : sku00497
Darkwing returns and is pitted against Wonderkick!
SS#21 - Superkick vs. Wonderkick: (Peril)
Product ID : sku00487
Superkick returns to take on the upstart Wonderkick!
SS#20 - Wonderkick: In Search of Wondra (Peril)
Product ID : sku00479
Wonderkick is on the trail of the missing Wondra!
V.V.#16 - Catwarrior 2: Cat vs. Jackal
Product ID : sku00470
Catwarrior returns and a catfight ensues!
SS#19 - Catwarrior 2: Cat vs. Jackal (Peril)
Product ID : sku00469
Catwarrior returns and a catfight ensues!
SS#18 - Wondra 4: Turning to Dark Side (WMV-Peril)
Product ID : sku00461
It's Wondra against the Seventh Sanctum! (WMV - Peril)
SS#17 - White Angel 7 (Peril)
Product ID : sku00453
Danica returns as the new White Angel Super Agent! (Peril - WMV)
SS#16 - White Angel 6 (Peril)
Product ID : sku00447
Enter Danica as the newest White Angel Super Agent! (Peril)
SS#15 - Supernova 4: Vigilante Justice
Product ID : sku00435
It's Supernova vs. Darkwing! Who will win this battle of the titans?