"Sexy Superheroines" Series

"Sexy Superheroines" Series
Featuring popular superheroine characters in action-packed adventures! (Formerly "Sultry Superheroines")
SS#115 - Teenwing: Into The Breach (Peril)
Teenwing comes to Darkwing's rescue!
SS#114 - Darkwing 20: Breach of Contract (Peril)
Darkwing has a rematch with the Contractor!
SS#113 - Supernova 26: Give Me Liberty (Peril)
Supernova breaks free!
SS#112a - Wondra 6: Entrapment (Extra Footage only)
This is only extra footage from Wondra 6!
SS#112 - Wondra 6: Entrapment (Peril)
Wondra returns... or does she?!
SS#111 - Teen Bat 5: New Kid In Town (Peril)
A new Teen Bat enters the scene! (Peril version)
SS#110 - Supernova 23: We Are One (Peril)
Supernova and Dark Nova in battle! (Peril version)
SS#109 - Ultrawoman 14: Amazon Duel (Peril)
Ultrawoman and Dark Wondra fight! (Peril version)
SS#108 - Supernova Prime 6: Primeval Force (Peril)
Supernova Prime takes on Dark Nova! (Peril version)
SS#107 - Supernova Prime 5: Primed For Action (Peril)
Supernova Prime breaks free! (Peril version)
SS#106 - Ultrawoman 13: Hellraiser
Ultrawoman finds herself in an unknown location.
SS#105 - Dark Wondra 4: Amazon Down (Peril)
Dark Wondra returns! (Peril version)
SS#104 - Athena 3: Mark of a Heroine (Peril)
The original Athena returns! (Peril version)
SS#103 - Darkwing 19: Contract Kill (Peril)
Darkwing has to stop a contract killer! (Peril version)
SS#102 - The Amazon: Man’s World (Peril)
There's a new Amazon in town! (Peril version)
SS#101 - Darkwing 18: Dark vs. Night (Peril)
Darkwing and Nightshade conclude their battle! (Peril version)
SS#100 - Supernova 22: Hunted (Peril)
Supernova is tracked down in her civilian ID! (Peril version)
SS#99 - Ultrawoman 12: Power Thief (Peril)
Nightshade steals Ultrawoman's powers! (Peril version)