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Episode 215 - The Fix
A cheerleader overhears a plot to throw an important game!
Sexy Spies #20: The Last Amazon
The Last Amazon is a secret agent who is targeted by Agent Penelope Lewis.
V.V.#23: The Last Amazon
This is the Superheroine version of The Last Amazon.
Episode 214 - The House Sitter
Lena is house sitting when a break-in occurs!
Episode 213 - Halloween Strangler
A masquerade party gets really scary!
Episode 212 - Takeoff Aborted
Airline heist goes sour!
Episode 211 - Death Insurance
Meredith masquerades as a life insurance agent to get close to her mark!
Clone Wars #5: The Real McCoy
The series concludes with the introduction of the real Tina... Tina McCoy.
V.V.#22 - Darkwing 6: Who Rules the Night?
Darkwing takes on Agent August!